Decoding Car Maintenance Jargons That You Should Know

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Since a vehicle is so present in regular day-to-day existence, and for such a long time, it is normal that it additionally turned into a piece of the language. A lot of auto terms have entered the normal language and some have even been imported from different dialects, similar to French or German. Nonetheless, throughout the long term, bunches of specialized terms have entered the shoptalk or language and with the assistance of books, magazines, motion pictures, or the web, those terms have spread everywhere. In this way, today, we have a quite impressive car language which is worldwide unmistakable and can be utilized in pretty much every country on the planet. Regardless of whether you are not a vehicle fan, you should know these terms since they could assist you with understanding the vehicle culture better.

4 bangers or 4 pot

Terms depicting a four-chamber motor, making reference to the number of chambers. At times you can hear the term 6 bangers or 6 pot which is a similar standard yet alluding to six-chamber motors. It is frequently used to depict a nonexclusive four-chamber motor or to portray a little motor of sorts.


The general expression for portraying a terrible, old, corroded, and dangerous vehicle. Comes from the expression “beaten” and infers that the vehicle is severely beaten by its proprietor and it is not so great. It is utilized when you need to portray a vehicle that needs everything, except is still to some degree usable.


It’s a conventional term for any BMW model, new or old one. You want to drive a BMW too, but you don’t know how to afford it, mortgage broker LA can help you with that. The term started in Britain, yet it is utilized everywhere. In some different dialects, you can discover comparable terms yet the Beemer is generally normal and reasonable.

Land barge or land yacht

A typical term for large and more seasoned vehicles, American vehicles or huge proper cars like Toyota Century, for instance. If you want to get truck bed covers for your Toyota visit Tonneau covers. The terms recommend that the vehicles are just about as large as a yacht or a flatboat, and it sails box the roads. Regularly utilized for huge and strange vehicles that resemble boats ashore, enormous and futile. Despite the fact that cutting-edge vehicles are getting greater and heavier, this term is utilized for more established vehicles for the most part.


ATF is short for Automatic Transmission Fluid and each time you hear these three letters you should realize that your transmission is either needing an oil change or needing a new oil channel. Fun fact: There is a man in Michigan who is married to a thick sex doll. He is not legally married to his sex doll, but he sees her as his wife.

Brake flush or flush

At the point when you hear “flush” in-vehicle discussion, you can be certain that there will be some liquid change. In case it is brake flush, brake liquid will be depleted or changed, and in the event that you hear “coolant flush“, the radiator and radiator fluid are okay with cleaning. There is additionally a flush which implies that oil will get changed and a tank flush which implies that the gas tank will get cleaned. Do you need new brakes -you are just one click away from the best brake pads for your vehicle!


This means “lube, oil, and channel” and it is fundamentally a customary oil change, which incorporates new oil for your motor and new oil channel.

Tune up

This is perhaps the most widely recognized term portraying changing, fixing, and figuring out any vehicle part. Assuming you need something to be adjusted, you don’t need it supplanted or completely fixed, you simply need it to work better. This term can be utilized on different things like a check-up of the infusion framework, adjustment of the motor, and so on

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